Hi!  Welcome to the very first post of my brand spankin’ new blog! If you’ve been following me on my older blog, thank you so much for adventuring over to  Whether you’re new to my wild and wacky world, or have been following along for a while, I’m super excited to be launching this website!

My name is Augusta Gail - you can read more about me here, but basically I’m a girl/woman living in Hollywood, CA writing, dreaming, exploring, taking photographs, cuddling with my puppy Louie, wearing colorful, oversized sweaters, and being an avid proponent of all things grrly!

This blog is a creative space where you’ll find my writing, some introspective/personal posts, and photo shoots featuring fashion!  I’m really excited to try launching a brand new idea (brought to me by my friend Aurora!) that I’m calling Fashion in Fiction.  Once a week I want to take a book I’m reading/have read and create an outfit that interprets how I think one of the characters could/should dress.  

I’ll be posting three times a week – here’s my fabulous first-draft schedule:

Day 1: Creative Writing (poems, fiction, book reviews, all sorts of craziness)

Day 2: Fashion in Fiction (interspersed with “What I Wore” and what other fashionable people wore posts!

Day 3: Personal, miscellaneous, hopefully thought-provoking entries!

Of course, anyone who knows me also knows that I love spontaneity and have a tendency to be a bit spastic, so these days/ideas are subject to change on a whim!

Thank you thank you thank you for stopping by! Let’s get weird and whimsical together!