Let's Talk About Love, Baby…SELF-love!

Y'all, I cannot believe it's almost February!  I'm super excited - I love this month.  Not necessarily because of Valentine's Day (I find the obsession with receiving chocolate and cheesy stuffed animals from guys rather uncomfortable), but because I get to wear my favorite color - PINK.  Of course, I wear pink year round, but in February I go kind of overboard.  Plus, my hair is multiple shades of rose, cotton candy, and blush right now so I'm extra ready to rock V-Day.  

I'm also looking forward to the upcoming month because I've decided to really dedicate myself to LOVE this February.  Loving my boyfriend, my friend and family, my puppy, and everyone I come into contact with.  But most importantly, I'm taking this month to really focus on SELF-love.  I'm going to put an emphasis on embracing what makes me fabulous and reminding myself that I'm pretty damn awesome.  I'm going to stay positive when I look in the mirror, and not let a bad hair day or a few extra pounds send me into a downward spiral.  I'm going to remind myself that I have big, beautiful eyes, long legs that allow me to run, and a cute, kind smile.  I'm going to take time this month to sleep in, read a lot of books, eat dark chocolate and drink sugar cookie tea, tease my hair to ridiculous heights, bake feminist themed cupcakes, watch Garden State and Clueless, and maybe even go to the spa.  I'm going to do things that make me feel good and remind myself that I'm worth it!

So, want to join me in a month of self-love?  It's easy.  On February 1st - hell, start right NOW - really make an effort to love yourself.  Put up sticky notes listing all the things that make you wonderful or listen to some Beyonce and jump/dance/somersault around your room.  Take a day for yourself and go get a massage.  Refuse to let negativity and stereotypes get to you; don't entertain self-criticsm - replace any hurtful inner dialog with positivity and determination.  Just being concious of self-love is a great way to make it a part of your life!

February is a month that revolves around love - usually in the form of goofy cards, red roses, and fancy dinners.  This year, remember to love YOURSELF :)