Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!

I’m currently writing this from several thousands of feet in the air, flying from Los Angeles to Dallas, for a family reunion trip in Costa Rica.

That’s a pretty rad way to start of the new year!

One of my favorite things about New Years is looking back at the previous 365 days.  2013 was a crazy, wild adventure for me.  I experienced some serious, serious lows - they were probably some of the darkest times of my life.  I’ve gotten myself into some bad situations, had more panic attacks than I care to count, made some not-so-great decisions, made some painful discoveries, and cried…a lot. 

But 2013 was also the year where I truly began to find myself.  I wouldn’t change or trade a single tear or bad decision – I’ve learned from all of them.  For every sad, scary, or uncertain moment, 2013 was filled with joy, love, self-discovery, and creativity.  I can honestly say 2013 was the best year of my life so far.

Just a few highlights from this past year:

I moved to Los Angeles, CA - a city that immediately felt like home.

I fell in love – real, true, with all of my heart love.

I ran a half-marathon, was lucky enough to run along the ocean every weekend, and ran an all-time record distance of 18 miles.

I adopted the most incredible puppy – Louie – he is my baby.

I acquired several wonderful jobs that are creative, full of amazing people, and make me happy.

I’ve had time to write – I’m a good way into my current novel, have finished several poetry chapbooks, and have started this blog!

I’ve made some seriously great friends – I’m especially thankful for the ladies I’ve met since moving to CA – these gals have inspired and encouraged me to pursue my dreams, love myself, and make a difference.

I dyed my hair pink – they’ll be a lot more of that in 2014!

I’ve began to find my voice – I am a feminist and 2013 was the year I really began to embrace supporting and fighting for all things grrly!

These are just a few things that made 2013 such a life-changing year.  I’m so thankful for the past year, and I’m beyond excited for 2014.

So cheers – to taking risks, making changes, loving yourself, moving across the country, reading more books, eating more sushi, running on beaches, making new friends and staying in touch with old friends, writing writing writing, laughing – a lot!, speaking up, standing out, and having adventures!



P.S. – I’ll be in Costa Rica for a week starting this Monday.  If I have wifi access I’ll definitely be posting – so keep checking in!

One of my resolutions? Spread the LOVE! And do more film photography!

One of my resolutions? Spread the LOVE! And do more film photography!