Let's Start a Riot!

I'm writing this post at midnight (so it's technically the 15th), because today has been full of discouraging news for women.

First I heard about the terrible news regarding Kesha.  It was announced earlier today (or yesterday I guess) that Kesha filed a lawsuit against her produce Dr. Luke (AKA Lukasz Gottwald), for sexual assault, battery, and emotional, physical, and verbal abuse.  Ugh.  This makes me so upset.  Obviously I don't know Kesha, but she's a fellow woman and human being, and I genuinely like and respect her.  To hear that something like this has happened to her is heart-wrenching.  I don't know Dr. Luke either (thankfully), but it's incredibly disturbing and disappointing to think that he is capable of such horrendous acts.  Of course, he's denying the charges, but I'm 100% on Kesha's side (duh).

The second piece of disappointing news is that Anita Sarkeesian has received more threats, this time regarding her upcoming lecture at Utah State University.  Sarkeesian is the author of "Feminist Frequency" (check out the video blog here), and the video series Tropes Vs. Women in Video Games.  I definitely recommend that everyone watch some of her videos - she is a totally badass woman.  The fact that her life and well-being are continually threatened by men makes me sick to my stomach.  Is this the fate that awaits all feminist speakers/artists/writers?  Death, rape, assault threats?  I've written about this before, but many of the feminist writers I admire - like Jessica Valenti - receive outrageously disgusting and violent hate mail/emails/comments on social media.  I've only had a taste of this hate - I'm so thankful that most of the responses to my blog/instagram/twitter have been positive.  But it's scary to think that, as my platforms continue to grow, so too will the hate and misogyny.  Bring it on, I say, bring it the fuck on.  

Seriously though, how backwards is our society that feminists are dealing with this sort of thing on a daily basis?  It's ridiculous, it's infuriating, and it just shows how much work there is to be done in this world.  

Thankfully, women like Sarkeesian aren't giving in.  There's talk about the lecture being held in spite of the threats (with extra security), but even if it's cancelled, you can damn well believe Sarkeesian isn't going to stop moving forward.  Everyday, writers like Valenti look past the haters and continue to do their incredibly important work.  No one said being a feminist was easy.  No one said being a woman was easy.  The two news stories I've shared today are discouraging and frustrating and saddening.  But we have to move forward.  We need to take the anger and sadness and frustration and write, act, speak out, volunteer, make things, have conversations, and stand up for our safety, our livelihood, and our most basic rights.

Let's start a fucking riot ladies.