Feminist Fashion - Let's Play!

Confession: I went on a bit of a shopping spree rampage over the weekend.  But don't worry, despite getting lots of great stuff, I didn't spend a whole lot of money.  Gotta love online black friday/weekend sales.  I'd been eyeing this amazing Rehab basketball inspired outfit on Dolls Kill, and - lucky me! - it was on sale for more than half off!  It's totally up my style ally right now - very sporty, but also sexy in a playful sort of tomboyish way.

I paired it with my BCBG boots (my one shoe splurge of the year), and my knee-high socks from American Apparel.  Add a pair of puffball earrings from Luxury Jones on Melrose and BOOM! sexy, sporty outfit!  Sadly it was actually cold and rainy yesterday in LA, so I wore a jacket most of the day, but it was fun strutting around in this outfit indoors!  :)

Still cute and sporty with a Wildfox jacket and a Luxury Jones knit beanie.

I'm obsessed with old school, gym class style socks.  They're super cute and athletic; I like to pair them with heels for some girly contrast.  Big, funky jewelry is also fun to pair with sportswear!

Dolls Kill is one of my favorite websites - they have a really awesome variety of clothing for girls with unique and creative style!  Check it out -  they're having some really rad specials and deals right now!