Inked Grrl

I love tattoos. 

I got my first one – a tiny heart on my ankle – when I was 19 in college.

I got my second (the words 'just love' on my back) a year later.

Just before I moved to California last year, I got the quote “all good things are wild and free” down my spine.

On Valentine’s Day I added a tiny crescent moon and star to my collection (on my wrist).

I love all of them – they’re small and subtle, and each is important to me.  But ever since I got that first, teeny tiny tattoo, I’ve dreamed about the day I’d get a bigger, more elaborate art piece.  I came up with multiple ideas, but none of them seemed perfect for me. 

And then – out of the blue – I knew exactly what I wanted. 

I got it done three days ago and I’m in love with it.

The beautiful, wonderful Alayna Magnan (she tattoos at Art & Soul on Robertson, and was actually on the most recent season of the show Best Ink) took the idea I gave her and designed a stunning, whimsically eerie piece.  I don’t know exactly how to describe how much I adore this tattoo – it’s a visual interpretation of my writing style, my love of the bizarre but beautiful, and my connection with nature and wildlife.  This tattoo is so entirely me.

Alayna did such an incredible job – if you want a tattoo you’ve got to set up a consultation with her.  She’s super sweet, uber talented, and an amazing artist.


So, while we’re on the topic of tattoos, what do y’all think about ink?

It seems that tattoos have permeated our culture in recent years – there’s not nearly as much stigma regarding them as there was a decade ago.  I find them absolutely fascinating – they’re such a unique and intimate form of artwork, and a creative way to express oneself.

I still have people ask me, “What if you regret those when you’re older?”  To which I respond, “I won’t.”  Every tattoo I’ve gotten is a representation of a time in my life, something I love, something important to me.  How could I possible look back and regret that?  Life is too short to worry about that sort of thing anyhow.  YOLO!  (Don’t worry, I just scolded myself for even typing that word – although I do love the sentiment).

There are some who think tattoos are a destruction of natural beauty, or that they are disrespectful to the body.   I get tattoos because I love my body – I want to cover it with what’s important to me – what moves me, inspires me, and reminds me.  My body is a work of art, and every tattoo I acquire is a way of adding/changing/developing that artwork.  Whether you like/want tattoos is absolutely up to you – each of us is a masterpiece regardless of how we choose to worship our bodies.

As for me, I plan on continuing to get tattoos. 

Let’s get inked!