Power Prize

Happy Friday y'all!

Last night I attended a poetry reading with my grrl friend Aurora, and left feeling so incredibly inspired.  The reading promoted the book launches of Kate Durbin and Melissa Broder, two poetesses currently living in CA and creating incredible works of words.  Kate Durbin's "E! Entertainment" examines and brings to life reality TV - everything from the Real Housewives to Playboy bunnies to Kim Kardashian.  Her book exudes the sadness, ridiculousness, and lavishness inherent to reality stars' lives, and puts on display the fictions that so often form our reality.  Melissa Broder's latest book "Scarecrone" is bursting with intensity.  Visceral and deliciously disturbing, these poems explore life, death, and everything in between in a new and strange way.  I definitely recommend picking up a copy of both books!

Needless to say, I left the reading glowing with creative energy and spent the next couple of hours brainstorming poetry projects, setting up a photo shoot, and filming a video for today's blog post!

When I lived in Tulsa, I did a couple of poetry readings, but it's been a while since I read any of my own work out loud.  So I decided what the heck, and set up a mini-reading in my own apartment.  The poem is called "Power Prize," and I've also posted the written version (I always think it's interesting to see the way a poem is written and hear how it's read.  I'm still figuring out how to read my work out loud; I don't use a lot of "correct" punctuation and, as you'll see below, I make up words, put spaces in weird spots, and adhere to no rules whatsoever).  I've also included the miniature photo-shoot I did last night to accompany the poem.

I hope y'all like it :)

*side note: in the video I mention that I should read my poems to Louie - Louie is my chihuahua, not some random dude that lurks outside my apartment or a figment of my imagination (for some reason I worried people might misinterpret who Louie was…?).

power prize

farther they yell        and it sounds like father

but it’s okay because everyone likes daddy issues             and a pretty facecage

so tipsy tumbaly               cheapthrillage  frills

pink doesn’t mean lollipoping         and vulva looks an awful lot like vulgar

but dressed up filled up                  pinned and pouffed

it becums a sugarrush jizz

jazz cake         cream                        muff-all the small talk                                             

they make designer vaginas now           

ruptured        rhinestones    queen of the quenching

glitzy glittery              gooey              everything is always so stickymash

but dirty is the new itgirl     the hit-it-hard-get-it-good girl                     the pantyraid partygirl

so ratchet it up          raunchitup    

and tie a bow on the smut spot

cause everyone says you’ve made it sweetheart