Neon, Short Shorts, and Pink Hair - Oh My!

How’d everyone in LA enjoy the weekend of rain?  I was thrilled to have a couple days of rainy weather – it always refuels my creativity and makes me want to reminisce (in the best possible way!).   We even got a little bit of stormage! I really do miss about the mid-west’s stunning thunderstorms.  Huge, roiling clouds and thunder that rocks your heartbeat – gray and purple skies that stretch forever, sliced through by white-gold lightning.  I certainly can’t complain about California weather – it’s near perfect here every single day.  But it was refreshing to see some rainfall!

Anyhoo!  If you read my last post, you know I’ve been struggling with my style lately.  Well, my friend Aurora came to my rescue and suggested we go thrift shopping and create style vision boards.  Thrifting has been a part of my life since I was itty bitty – I remember visiting thrift and antique stores with my mother from before I could walk.  It was instilled in me early on that are there treasures to be found where sometimes least expected.  I also learned that price tags don’t mean a damn thing – you can find amazing outfits for incredibly low prices if you just put in the effort.  And what results is usually an outfit with personality, pizazz, and a story.  So, needless to say, checking out Goodwill sounded like a good place to start addressing my fashion troubles 

I tried on all sorts of stuff – everything from white jean jackets to athletic wear to two puffy, ridiculous looking snow suits (I mean, c’mon, how was I NOT going to try on snowsuits??).  I ended up with a couple of things (no snowsuits, sorry y’all), and then got to work on my style inspo board.

After flipping through artsy and fashiony magazines, cutting and gluing, glittering and giggling, our boards were complete!

Mine was full of bright, vibrant colors – pink hair (no surprise there), neon accessories, and a feeling of oncoming summer.  A sort of grunge, punk-rock cutesiness also made itself apparent in the images I’d chosen.  And, perhaps most surprising (or not surprising at all?) was the element of sexiness that emerged.  I think my mind-body-heart were trying to make clear that it’s time I add some fun and sexiness back into my wardrobe.  Or, more correctly, that I should stop worrying about what other people think!  While I did have issues with expressing my sexuality in the past I realize now that, as I’ve overcome my insecurities and my desperation for the wrong sort of attention, it’s time to embrace the things I want to wear.  It’s time I let go of my fears and of my past mistakes, and wear what makes me feel my best and my happiest!

If you're struggling with you style - and even if you're not - I totally recommend getting together with some girlfriends and making your own style inspiration boards.  It's super easy, and it might surprise you what you gravitate to in terms of imagery.  I truly believe that taking the time to make a vision board of any sort - make one for your love life, your work, your creative endeavors - can help you identify what you want/need and give you that extra push to go for it!  I've got mine sitting right above my dresser, so every time I go to get dressed I feel inspired and encouraged to take risks, dress for myself, and feel confident!  


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