Short and Sweet!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you probably know that I’ve been gradually cutting my hair shorter and shorter.  I’ve written about how I used to rely on my uber long extensions to feel beautiful and feminine.  I’ve mentioned how – when I cut it into a bright, pink bob – I felt so euphoric, confident, and more like the person I’m on my way to becoming.  Then, my incredible hairdresser gave me Peeps candy colored hair and I felt like Weetzie Bat – quirky, whimsical, and wonderful.

Well, each of those hair cuts/colors was leading me to the hair makeover I got yesterday.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, Tanya Ramirez is a hair artist.  The first time I met her, she mentioned cutting my hair super short a la Michele Williams.  I shied away from going that short, and she gave me my fuchsia bob.  Thanks to that cut, I fell in love with shorter hair, and began to realize that there’s more than one way to express femininity and beauty.

So, when I realized about a week ago that I was finally ready to cut basically all of my hair off, I sent Tanya a message.

And she gave me my favorite look yet.

If I thought my last cut looked Weetzie Bat-esque, I had no idea just how much this cut would remind me of her (or my imagination’s version of her anyway!).  I feel like Michelle Williams meets Miley Cyrus meets Weetzie meets Twiggy meets ME. 

As hunks of hair fell to the ground, I felt increasingly happier.  It felt so right.  And when, after five hours of cutting and coloring I looked in the mirror, I almost started crying. 

My hair was everything I’d ever dreamed of but was too insecure to actually try.

I LOVE it.

It’s so entirely me, and it’s the perfect visual symbol of how far I’ve come in the last year as an individual, as a woman, and as a feminist.  I’ve never felt more beautiful, more confident, more unique, and more like myself.

Thank you to Tanya (follow her on instagram at @untamedinstinct) for continually giving me the most amazing hair and, perhaps even more importantly, helping me find my confidence and myself.  I’m so thankful to have met you and to share my birthday with you – yay Leo twins!

Louie and I doing are best smizes

Louie and I doing are best smizes