"Don't Risk Dudeness" - Veets new, infuriating, totally un-feminist ads

Y’all.  I’m angry. 

Fuming really.

Have you SEEN the new Veet ads??

Ugh, they’re repulsive.

For those of you who don’t know, Veet is a hair removal brand that’s been around for years.  I’ve never used their products, so I can’t speak to the efficiency of them, but I sure as hell won’t be trying them now.

The tagline of Veet’s new commericals?  “Don’t risk dudeness.”  That’s right ladies, if you have any body hair, you’re basically a hairy dude.  If you don’t wax your vag-jay-jay you probably have a penis, and if you don't shave your armpits – ick! – you’re obviously a Neanderthal.

These ads reinforce typical, outdated standards of beauty so blatantly that I want to throw something at my TV screen every time I see them.  I’ve watched four different versions of the ad (all equally offensive).  In one, a man wakes up and sleepily strokes the leg of his one-night-stand.  He freaks out when he feels how hairy her leg is, then freaks out even more when he rolls over and it’s a guy in bed with him (homophobic much??).  The woman-turned-man insists that she, “just shaved yesterday!” and thus, Veet encourages us gals to stay smooth and silky, or else, risk dudeness.


Here, watch some of the videos and feel my rage:

I don’t know about you, but I do not find these commercials humorous.

I’m so tired of the world insisting that – in order to be feminine, desirable, and sexy – I need to have little to no body hair.  Screw that noise.  I haven’t shaved my legs in a month, and I don’t feel gross or manly.  I’m beyond over the Brazilian craze (been there, done that, not going back).  Body hair is beautiful – and it’s entirely feminine.  I for one do not want my body to look prepubescent or doll-like.  HOWEVER – if you want to shave, bedazzle, dye your pubic/armpit/leg hair please do so!  I am certainly not trying to hate on any woman’s decision to do what she desires with her body.  But please, shave or wax or whatever because YOU want to, not because some idiotic ads by Veet insist that having body hair turns you into a large, bearded man.

Say f-you to stereotypes and ignorance, and do whatever the heck you want with your beautiful body, whether it’s shaving, braiding your armpit hair, embracing the 70’s with a sexy muff, or putting rhinestones on your lady bits in the shape of a narwhal.  Just do it for YOU.