I’m Loving…Flea Market Fashion, Robyn, Going Sugar Free, and more!

Hi everyone!  Hope you’re having a fabulous week!

I want to write about a couple of things that I’m lovin’ right now!

1.     Flea Market Fashion – my boo and I make a habit of hitting up the local Melrose Ave. flea market every Sunday.  It’s outdoors, great for people watching, and super fun!  We take our puppy and wander around, eating snow cones and occasionally buying things.  This past Sunday I found a couple of awesome shirts!  One, my bf found and basically insisted I wear.  It’s an Agent Steel tee-shirt (from 1985 – older than me!) and was a local LA metal band back in the day.  He pretty much freaked out when he saw it.  I love it though – the shirt is super soft and fits well, and I like wearing a shirt that has some musical history!  I also found a really cute cropped tank that has the words “be nice to animals or I’ll kill you” screen-printed on it.  LOVE that.  I’ve always loved animals, but ever since I adopted my Chihuahua Louie I’ve become super passionate about animal rescue and animal adoption.  We also went to this awesome event over the weekend hosted by No Kill LA (an amazing organization that helps save animals’ lives).  It was basically a huge adoption fair so I got to snuggle a ton of adorable animals.  Anyhow, I like that my new tank top is a little bit cheeky but also promotes protecting and loving our furry friends!

2.     Robyn!!  Okay, if you don’t know who Robyn is, you need to get with the program.  I’ve loved her music for quite a while, and I’m beyond excited because I’m seeing her perform in June at The Hollywood Bowl.  I like to pretend that we’re long lost sisters that were separated at birth.  We’re both of Swedish descent (she was actually born there), we have the exact same hair, and we both enjoy doing strange/questionable/awesome dance moves.  Watch her video for ‘Call Your Girlfriend” here:

3.     Acupuncture!  After my car accident last week I’ve been going to acupuncture sessions.  And they have seriously changed my life.  I went from being in fairly severe pain to feeling almost good as new.  Plus, the sessions are like meditation.  I end up feeling really calm (which is rare for me), inspired, and in touch with a sort of spirituality that I find incredibly invigorating.  I highly recommend acupuncture for anything that ails you – whether it’s stress, nagging injuries, menstrual cramps/irregularity, headaches, etc.

4.     Being 80% sugar free – It’s been about a month now since I decided to go sugar free (and by sugar free I’m referring to processed sugars, I never cut out raw honey or fruit).  For the first two weeks I was pretty adamant about not eating ANY processed sugar, which, for me, meant cutting out coffee creamer (bye-bye vanilla lattes), cereal (except for my homemade granola since I can control what I put in it), and chocolate.  The following two weeks I became a little less obsessive about it all.  I didn’t worry about salad dressing when I went out to eat (I don’t use much dressing anyhow, and I didn’t feel like worrying about the minimal amounts of sugar that it might contain).  I still had a glass of champagne one night (which I think has sugar?  Not sure.), and if I ordered a latte at a café, I still asked for soy or almond milk, even if they only had the vanilla kind.  So, I’m happy to say that I’ve been mostly sugar-free for a month!  I certainly don’t feel bad about the little bits of sugar I do have, and I definitely feel better overall.  I don’t feel as tired, my stomach has felt settled (I have a super sensitive tummy), and I feel good knowing that I’m putting better food into my body.  I definitely recommend trying to cut out some of the processed sugar you eat – you don’t have to quit cold turkey, just cut things out little by little – make it manageable for yourself.  If you LOVE chocolate, don’t deny yourself a piece now and then.  I think what I’ve enjoyed most about being sugar free is just being aware of my sugar intake, and being able to consciously cut back on it.  I feel much more educated on food/food labels since I started monitoring my sugar intake.  Plus, I’ve found all sorts of delicious and fun recipes since I cut out processed sugars!

What are you loving right now??