Leaked Photos are a Crime, Not a "Scandal"

I'm sure that by now everyone has heard about the nude photos that have surfaced on the interwebs.  These explicit photos of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, and many more were released several days ago and have been creating internet chaos.  Basically someone hacked into the iCloud thingie (or got passwords or something - I'm not tech savvy), stole a bunch of nude photos, and released them online.  Some of the celebrities are claiming the photos are fake, while others have admitted that they're real.  Regardless, these photos were all intended to be private, and they were stolen and exposed without consent.

That's a sex crime.

Magazines and websites are calling this a "scandal."  But that's totally inaccurate.  None of these women have engaged in any sort of scandalous (disgraceful, immoral) behavior.  These women are victims of a crime - the theft of personal property and the exploitation of their bodies.  Yes, these ladies took/had someone take nude photos of themselves, but that's a right they are entitled to - just as we all are.  They took those pictures under the impression - rightly so! -  that they would remain private.  It is not their fault that these photos were leaked - they should not be shamed or asked to apologize.  Once again, society is placing the burden and the fault on the women who's rights and privacy have been compromised, when we should be placing the blame and the focus on the perpetrators.  It's the whole rape dichotomy - we urge the potential victims (generally women) to do a slew of things to "stay safe," as opposed to educating the potential victimizer.  Let's put the focus where it belongs - on the person/people who leaked those photos (and other like him or her).

The focus should also be put on us - the viewers and potential viewers of the aforementioned photos.  I urge you - if it ins't too late - not to seek out these photos.  I know you're not the person who released them, but looking at them isn't that much better.  You're looking at something that was not entrusted to you - you're violating the rights and privacy of women who have not given you permission to do any such thing.  By viewing those photos you're fueling an extremely detrimental and downright disrespectful system.

Women's bodies are not objects or public property - let's stop treating them that way.