I Can't Stop, I Won't Stop (Loving Miley Cyrus)

This isn't earth shattering, world changing news, but I feel the need to say, "I FUCKING LOVE MILEY CYRUS."  In fact, this isn't news at all, because I'm pretty sure everyone knows I love Miley.  I've loved Miley since she was Hannah Montana, and I'm not too proud to admit that I watched that show when I was way past the target age.  But when Miley cut off her hair, started raunching it up, and generally not giving a single fuck, I loved her even more.  And now that she's fully embraced the Free the Nipple campaign and is taking all sorts of topless photos I love her EVEN MORE.  Seriously.  I feel like we could and should be best friends.  Besides, we're boob twins, butt twins, and hair twins (my fiancé pointed out to me last night that Miley and I pretty much have the same body - I almost wept with joy).

Say what you will about her (and I know lots of people dislike her or take issue with her, and some of those may very well be merited), but this girl is making waves.  Sure, her boob exposure and crazy dance moves help her career/music/social media get attention.  But Miley's made it very clear that she's baring her boobs in the name of women's rights.  "It's not about getting tithes out.  It's about equality she tweeted recently.  Amen sister!  I've written all about my own support for #freethenipple and female sexuality, so I'm not going to rewrite that post here.

Basically I just wanted to say that I support Miley and share some of her boobtastic photos (NSFW I guess, even though boobs should be safe everywhere).

I can't stop and I won't stop loving Miley!!

*Photos are from V Magazine