To My Younger Self

Hi everyone! 

Happy International Women's Day!  I know that was 'technically' yesterday, but I'm so over only having one day, thus I'm declaring every day International Women's Day!  I was feeling inspired when I saw a couple of people post videos yesterday for the #dearme campaign giving a message to their younger selves.  Super cool idea right?  

So last night I sat down at my computer and made a totally improvised, emotional, and unpolished video message to my high school/teen self.

The volume is a little quiet, so it might be best to listen on headphones.  Also, I make some weird faces, cry quite a bit, ramble on and on, and filmed in questionable lighting (it's totally unedited and raw).  But honestly, it's not how the video looks that matters- just recording this video made me feel really emotional and joyful - it reminded me just how far I've come and how wonderful my life is.

I encourage everyone to make their own video (or write it down, tell it to a friend, etc!).  It's a pretty empowering experience!