Pink Petals, Bridal Bondage, and Weetzie Bat: An Impromptu Photo Shoot with Aurora Lady

On a sunny, LA winter day last week, my bestie Aurora and I got together for an impromptu photo shoot (one of our favorite past times).  This shoot in particular was inspired by the idea of an untraditional, strange but sexy wedding.  Ever since I got engaged I’ve spent quite a bit of time daydreaming about how I want my wedding to look, and how I want to look that day and night.  And so, Aurora and I set about capturing the vibe and essence of a whimsical, punk rock, slightly eerie, sensual wedding style.

Aurora isn’t just an incredible friend; she’s also a super talented artist, a feminist clothing designer (peep her work here), and a totally badass stylist.  I showed up at her door with an armful of clothing – everything from flowy pink skirts to leather bondage gear – and she promptly sorted through it all, creating several looks in a matter of minutes.  She also did my makeup (she’s taught me pretty much everything I know about applying winged eye liner or wearing wild lipstick colors), which included sugary pink eye shadow, a smoky cat eye, and flower petals stuck to my cheeks (aka my new go-to look).

Then we set out and started shooting!  We shot at our friend Jenn’s house (because it’s seriously the cutest house on the planet), Aurora’s bedroom where I posed with rainbow reflections and periwinkle walls, and a secret cactus garden filled with sunshine and bumblebees.  Throughout the day we drank too much coffee, reminisced about the day we met (the first time I ever hung out with Aurora she took a photo of me against this crazy colorful wall and we talked about girl power and thrift shopping), and quoted “Weetzie Bat.”

This shoot is actually very Weetzie inspired (if you haven’t read “Weetzie Bat” by Francesca Lia Block, let me know and I’ll lend you a copy – it’s my favorite book and Francesca is the most beautiful writer and soul).  Aurora and I both love and cherish “Weetzie Bat” (she actually gave me her copy the second time we hung out), and are both – in our own ways – very much inspired by the style and spirit of Weetzie. 

Shortly after I got engaged, I remember someone asking me, “What theme do you want for your wedding?” 

I responded, “I don’t know, I don’t really want a theme or color scheme or any of that.  I just want it to be the way I envision Weetzie Bat’s wedding.”

And in my mind that means weird and whimsical, sexy and cute, punk rock with some grunge glamour, free spirited and fun.  These photos totally capture that I think – a mix of childish and grownup desires, a sexiness that’s a little off-kilter, saturated colors and palpable emotions.

The coolest thing about these photos though?

That I got to take them with one of my bestest friends. 

These photos are a celebration of style and romance and unique wedding vibes, but they’re also an ode to creating art with a great girlfriend - and a reminder of how, sometimes, you just have to drop everything and create something special.

I’m so excited and happy to share them with you all.  I hope you love them as much as we do :)


Photographer, Art Director, Stylist, MUA: Aurora Lady, Instagram

Clothing: white fluff choker from Valfre, pink bandeau handmade by Aurora Lady, gold necklaces from Free People, kitty flower ears by Aurora Lady, floral panties, rainbow sweater, and pink transparent skirt from Wildfox, vertebra necklace from Unjaded Jewelry