Girl Thing

Girl Thing

eating ice cream

a perfect replica of erotica

her bubblegum hair is puffed and pouffed

her breasts perky and plump with night drowsies

maraschino lips and a soft unfolding

stardust on her eyelashes

glitter in her sheets

a pastel pin-up

primed for cake and candy

sugary sweet tooth

and the mint chocolate chip drips

sticky fingers, melty daydreams

a baby doll anime-eyed darling

with a perfect pussy

sculpted from the glamour mags

porcelain and pretty

a soft and sultry

sexed up Girl Thing


I came across an article on (an awesome, grrl-centric website) about model Erika Linder and her gender bending photographs for Crocker by JC Jeans Company (check out the photos here).  Not only is she stunning as a woman, but Linder looks just as striking as a man.  It’s incredible.  And it’s truly refreshing. 

Granted, there’s still a huge lack of diversity in the world of modeling/advertising/etc. and a lack of progressive models (LGBT for example), but this is SO a step in the right direction.  Androgyny is amazing, and it’s something I’m eager to embrace.  As you may or may not know, I recently cut my hair pretty short – and plan on cutting it shorter.  At first, the thought of having hair that wouldn't even go into a teeny tiny ponytail scared me.  I’ve mentioned before how much I depended on my hair extensions to feel sexy and feminine - I'd always associated beauty with long hair.  

Welp, I can honestly say my opinion has changed completely.  I still think long hair is sexy, but I realize now that I was wrong to think short hair couldn’t be appealing and beautiful too.  In fact, I’m sort of obsessed with androgyny right now and love the fact that I can embrace the boyish look (throw some baggy shorts and a baseball cap on me and I transform into a 14 year old boy).  There’s something so liberating and blissful about letting go of insecurities and standard notions of beauty.   I’ve come to realize - and appreciate - that beauty and sexiness are much more than the ideas I used to adhere to.  And it goes without saying that beauty, sexiness, etc. are ultimately about faaaar more than your looks – it's about what’s on the inside.  But that's a given (as cheesy as it sounds!).  However, appearances do play a huge role in our society – we base so much of what we do, how we look, and what we pay to look a certain way on the general population’s opinion of “attractive.”  So, I figure why the hell conform to one ridiculous notion of beauty when I can shake things up a bit instead? 

Since cutting my hair I get the strangest – and coolest – kinds of reactions.  I’ve met so many unique and interesting people since shearing off my locks of blonde hair – people are intrigued and interested in the statement I’m making – and that statement is simply that I’m being myself.  I know it may sound silly to rave this much about a haircut, but seriously, it’s changed the way I look at beauty/myself/the world.  Plus, it’s deeper than the sassy, cotton candy colored hair; it’s the confidence, happiness and uniqueness I’m exuding that makes a difference.  I’m no longer concerned with fitting a typical mold of femininity or “hotness” – I want to illustrate that different is attractive, and that being YOU – whoever that may be – is what’s truly beautiful.

So dress and style yourself in a way that makes you happy - whether it's in purple skinny jeans, cozy sweat pants, oversized tee shirts and heels, makeup/no makeup, tutu's and Birkenstocks, jump suits or dress suits, WHATEVER.  Just do you!

And, inspired by Erika Linder, I did a mini-photoshoot embracing my own brand of androgyny.



Grrrl Talk

After 24 years of life, I’ve heard just about every complaint a woman can have about her body.  Whether it was from my best friends, girls in my sorority, family members, or complete strangers, I’ve heard women say a lot of terrible things about themselves – myself included.  A vocabulary of hate/disgust/shame is practically handed to us on a silver platter as girls, and most ladies will – at some point in their lives - use this dialog to bring themselves down.  Self-degradation is so ridiculously common; even some of the strongest, most confident women I know berate themselves for not being skinny enough, having bad skin, having weird boobs…the list goes on and on and on.  When we don’t live up to the images we see online, in movies, in magazines, in our own minds, we become destructive – physically, mentally, and emotionally.


A few things I have a history of beating myself up over:

My hair

My boobs

My figure  - I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished for the bodies of my curvier friends!


Things I’ve watched beautiful, wonderful women beat themselves up over:

Their thighs, hips, and booty

Their skin, freckles, and birthmarks

Their hair


We then take these traits and smash them together with things viewed as “negative.” 

Thin, bland hair

Small boobs

Boyish, stick-like figure

Thighs that touch, large hips and a big booty

Pale skin

Dark, mousy brown hair


You get the idea. 

But my question is – why the hell are all of these attributes (and other traits) seen as negative?  Because some super model on a magazine cover has thick, blonde hair, a tiny waist, ginormous breasts, and perfectly tanned skin?

Who made that the ideal image of beauty?  Who decided on that?  The consumers?  The male population?  Women?  The magazine’s editor?

I don’t care who it was/is.  What matters is that WE make the decision to stop viewing a very narrow selection of attributes as beautiful.  Big hips are just as positive and beautiful as a more boyish frame.  Blonde hair, brown hair, purple hair – it’s all fucking rad.  

It devastates me that women attach so much negativity to the very things that make them beautiful.   I hate hearing girls lament their so-called “flaws” – hell, that self-degradation makes up a good portion of most gals conversations.  If I had a kitten for every time my girlfriends and I sat around and mourned all the things we hate about ourselves I’d be a crazy cat lady by now (which would actually be fine since I love cats).  Besides, shouldn’t we be putting a heck of lot more emphasis on what’s on the inside?  Why can’t we sit around and talk about how emphatic, hilarious, and quirky we are? 

So, along with my mission to make February a month of self-love, I also want to make an effort to stop the trash talking.  Whenever I feel the urge to say something bad about myself (or anyone else for that matter), I’m going to stop myself and replace it with something positive.

I’m hoping that – by the end of the month – I’ll have replaced the hurtful habit of berating myself with a new vocabulary of positivity and confidence.

I’m going to start right now and list three fabulous things about myself:

My pink hair is totally fun and cute and suits my personality.

My legs have gotten super strong from working out and taking barre classes.

I’m opinionated and sweetly fierce – I’m not afraid to stand up for my beliefs!


Okay, your turn!


(The following photos are actually from several different shoots.  I did a whole photo spread called "Glamour Kills" in college, and when I stumbled across those photos earlier, I realized that they'd fit together perfectly with several pictures I took earlier this year - and this post.  I think they capture the desperation we, as women, often feel to fit a certain "desirable" and "beautiful" mold, and the sadness and self-loathing that occur because of such permeating, damaging ideas.)


Currently Crushing On...

There are a couple things I'm currently obsessed with, and I figured I'd share them here!  My new favorite color, music I'm crushing on, and more!

1. The Tiffany blue/turquoise - I am LOVING this color.  And not just because it's the color associated with beautiful jewelry.  I've found myself buying all sorts of things in this romantic, tropical hue (it probably has something to do with it feeling like summer in Cali).  This color looks rad with my blonde hair, pale skin, and makes my eyes all glowy :)  I've recently bought a tee, a scarf, and gotten my nails done in the color.  Yeah, I'm kind of obsessed.

photo 3 copy.JPG
photo 2.JPG

2. Iggy Azalea - Maybe I'm a little late to the love fest regarding Iggy Azalea, but her song "Work" has got me hooked.  This girl is suuuper talented - her badass vibe mixed with an amazing fashion sense make her one of my favorite grrls.  Check out the video for "Work" below and visit her website here!

3. Big Headbands - Another spring trend I'm digging is ginormous headbands embellished with fun stuff.  I've always liked headbands/bows/semi-obnoxious headwear - it's sassy and kawaii and full of personality.  These are a few that I've been wearing lately:

4. Lena Dunham - I've loved this girl since the first episode of Girls aired.  She's been bucking feminine stereotypes left and right since she stepped on to the scene, and Girls is fu**ing AMAZING.  I'll have a separate article about Girls sometime soon, but for now I just wanted to share my obsession with Lena Dunham and her quirky fashion sense, unapologetic personality, and her ability to capture the chaos and craziness of today's young adults.

5. My Film Cameras - In college I minored in Photography, and several nights a week I could be found in my school's dark room developing photos until 4 am (this was after my party phase, when I decided I could be way more productive at 4 AM and way less drunk).  After I graduated, I no longer had access to a dark room, so I started using my digital camera (and my iPhone) more and my film cameras less.  But when I was back in Texas earlier this month, I dug through my closet, found my old cameras, and brought them back with me to LA.  I'm so excited to start shooting with them again - and if anyone in LA knows of a darkroom I can use, we can have an art party till 4 AM!