Little Girl Syndrome (photo post)

In lieu of my recent posts, I felt inspired to create a photo series capturing the transition from girl to woman and struggling with typical tropes of femininity.  One of my greatest photographic influences/inspirations is Cindy Sherman - every since I began doing photography I've been a fan of the self-portrait.  I initially started photographing myself because no one else wanted to be the subject of my strange, sometimes uncomfortable ideas (my mum and brother did wear taxidermied animal masks once for a shoot - thanks y'all!).  But there's something about using yourself as the subject that is at once empowering and exposing.  You become something more than yourself, you become a canvas and it's a unique creative process that I've really come to cherish.  I'm a Leo, so I'm probably naturally inclined to the selfie :) More than anything though, self-portraiture is a way to make art that I enjoy and find fascinating.  It allows me to be vulnerable and distant all at once, and I consider it a crazy cool mixture of photography and performance art.

But anyhow - I had a lot of fun gathering all my stuffed animals and girly products to do this shoot (I spent a good ten minutes throwing tampons at my face to try and get a good didn't work...and it hurt).  And yes, everything you see - be it My Little Ponies stuffed animals, galactic stripper heels, or giant mittens shaped like cat paws - I really do own.

IMG_5591 - Version 2.jpg
IMG_5632 - Version 3.jpg
IMG_5691 - Version 2.jpg
IMG_5711 - Version 2.jpg

Video Blog - The Gurlesque

Hi everyone!  Below is a video of yours truly talking about and reading a few excerpts from the book I reviewed in my last post - Gurlesque.  I've never really video-recorded myself so I was unsure what it would be like!  And y'all, this is super candid..which definitely makes it more entertaining.  But it was totally fun (I think I say "incredible" a few too many times, but hey, what's a girl gonna do), and I hope y'all have fun watching it!  (Make sure to take note of how many times I push my glasses up my nose all nerdy-like hehe).  Oh and my baby Louie even makes an appearance :)  Enjoy!  And stay posted - I'll have another entry up later today/tomorrow with some Gurlesque inspired poetry!