Little Girl Syndrome (photo post)

In lieu of my recent posts, I felt inspired to create a photo series capturing the transition from girl to woman and struggling with typical tropes of femininity.  One of my greatest photographic influences/inspirations is Cindy Sherman - every since I began doing photography I've been a fan of the self-portrait.  I initially started photographing myself because no one else wanted to be the subject of my strange, sometimes uncomfortable ideas (my mum and brother did wear taxidermied animal masks once for a shoot - thanks y'all!).  But there's something about using yourself as the subject that is at once empowering and exposing.  You become something more than yourself, you become a canvas and it's a unique creative process that I've really come to cherish.  I'm a Leo, so I'm probably naturally inclined to the selfie :) More than anything though, self-portraiture is a way to make art that I enjoy and find fascinating.  It allows me to be vulnerable and distant all at once, and I consider it a crazy cool mixture of photography and performance art.

But anyhow - I had a lot of fun gathering all my stuffed animals and girly products to do this shoot (I spent a good ten minutes throwing tampons at my face to try and get a good didn't work...and it hurt).  And yes, everything you see - be it My Little Ponies stuffed animals, galactic stripper heels, or giant mittens shaped like cat paws - I really do own.

IMG_5591 - Version 2.jpg
IMG_5632 - Version 3.jpg
IMG_5691 - Version 2.jpg
IMG_5711 - Version 2.jpg

Sweatpants and Sass

Happy Wednesday everyone! I've been working on a post about my experiences as a teenage girl, and I was hoping to get it posted today, but I want to do a photo spread to accompany the text and it's taking me a bit longer than I thought!

So instead, I decided to do a style post centered on one of my all time favorite articles of clothing: SWEATPANTS!

Yes, it's true, I LOVE sweats/pajama pants.  I like being comfy but, mostly, I just think sweats and casual pants can be super adorable.  I love buying sweats in fun colors, unique shapes, and with funky patterns.  Then, if I want to wear them out and about, I pair them with a top that's either dressy or punk-rock, throw on my cowboy boots or heels, and wander around LA in comfy, chic style.

Sweatpants get such a bad rep...lazy, tacky, sloppy.  But anything can look sloppy if you don't take the time to add a splash of your own personality or put in a little bit of effort.  One of my favorite things to do is style my hair all fabulously, throw on my sweat pants, and embrace the fun juxtaposition of dressed up vs. dressed down.

More days than not I wear a pair of sweatpants (I have A LOT of them), and find new ways to fancify them!

This mini photo shoot features one of my newest pairs - I got them in the sale room at Anthropology (loooove) and I adore the turquoise color, the unique print, and how cozy and flowy they are!

So, seriously, don't be afraid to wear sweatpants.  Add some pretty jewelry, an elaborate hair-do, or a pair of outrageous shoes and look stylish and feel comfortable!

IMG_5562 - Version 4.jpg
IMG_5569 - Version 3.jpg
IMG_5584 - Version 2.jpg
IMG_5580 - Version 2.jpg