Currently Crushing On...

There are a couple things I'm currently obsessed with, and I figured I'd share them here!  My new favorite color, music I'm crushing on, and more!

1. The Tiffany blue/turquoise - I am LOVING this color.  And not just because it's the color associated with beautiful jewelry.  I've found myself buying all sorts of things in this romantic, tropical hue (it probably has something to do with it feeling like summer in Cali).  This color looks rad with my blonde hair, pale skin, and makes my eyes all glowy :)  I've recently bought a tee, a scarf, and gotten my nails done in the color.  Yeah, I'm kind of obsessed.

photo 3 copy.JPG
photo 2.JPG

2. Iggy Azalea - Maybe I'm a little late to the love fest regarding Iggy Azalea, but her song "Work" has got me hooked.  This girl is suuuper talented - her badass vibe mixed with an amazing fashion sense make her one of my favorite grrls.  Check out the video for "Work" below and visit her website here!

3. Big Headbands - Another spring trend I'm digging is ginormous headbands embellished with fun stuff.  I've always liked headbands/bows/semi-obnoxious headwear - it's sassy and kawaii and full of personality.  These are a few that I've been wearing lately:

4. Lena Dunham - I've loved this girl since the first episode of Girls aired.  She's been bucking feminine stereotypes left and right since she stepped on to the scene, and Girls is fu**ing AMAZING.  I'll have a separate article about Girls sometime soon, but for now I just wanted to share my obsession with Lena Dunham and her quirky fashion sense, unapologetic personality, and her ability to capture the chaos and craziness of today's young adults.

5. My Film Cameras - In college I minored in Photography, and several nights a week I could be found in my school's dark room developing photos until 4 am (this was after my party phase, when I decided I could be way more productive at 4 AM and way less drunk).  After I graduated, I no longer had access to a dark room, so I started using my digital camera (and my iPhone) more and my film cameras less.  But when I was back in Texas earlier this month, I dug through my closet, found my old cameras, and brought them back with me to LA.  I'm so excited to start shooting with them again - and if anyone in LA knows of a darkroom I can use, we can have an art party till 4 AM!